China Trade at a Glance : Most Recent Values

Latest trade data available from various sources.

Please note: The data from various sources are not from the same year.
China monthly trade data



Overall Exports and Imports

Exports (in US$ Mil) 2,281,856
No. Of products 4,428
No. Of partners 209
Imports (in US$ Mil) 1,681,671
No. Of products 4,457
No. Of partners 206

Trade Indicator

HH Market concentration index0.07
Index of export market penetration49.06
World Growth-7.87
Country Growth-3.08

Service Indicators 2015

Service imports (BoP, current US$)468,895,936,230.00
Service exports (BoP, current US$)286,539,713,700.00
Imports of goods and services (% of GDP)18.49
Exports of goods and services (% of GDP)21.97

China top 5 Export and Import partners

Market Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
United States410,805 18.00
Hong Kong, China334,291 14.65
Japan135,897 5.96
Korea, Rep.101,475 4.45
Germany69,217 3.03
Exporter Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
Korea, Rep.174,564 10.38
United States150,544 8.95
Other Asia, nes144,981 8.62
China144,435 8.59
Japan143,093 8.51

China Exports and Imports of Product Groups

Product Categories Exports Imports
Export(US$ Mil) Product share(%) Import(US$ Mil) Prod share(%) Weighted Average (%)
Raw materials37,932 1.66 366,440 21.79 1.37
Intermediate goods365,603 16.02 316,304 18.81 3.55
Consumer goods830,750 36.41 204,576 12.17 10.14
Capital goods1,008,282 44.19 708,008 42.10 4.75

Top 5 Products exports imports at HS 6 digit level

Transmission apparat ...124,925,891.53
Digital auto data pr ...93,205,081.57
Monolithic integrate ...69,784,745.21
Parts of electrical ...49,585,070.65
Telegraphic apparatu ...33,170,905.60
Monolithic integrate ...230,288,282.21
Petroleum oils and o ...134,341,240.85
Non-agglomerated iro ...55,691,374.69
Optical devices, app ...40,151,519.65
Parts of electrical ...39,919,867.73

Tariff and Trade Barriers for China

Tariffs 2015

No. Of Tariff Agreement 22
Simple Average (%) 7.82
Duty Free Imports (US$ Thousand) 840,125,783.49
Maximum Rate (%) 3,000
Weighted Average (%) 4.52
Duty Free Tariff Lines Share (%) 26.16

Overall Trade Restrictiveness Index (OTRI) 2009

Overall Trade Restrictiveness Index - MFN Tariff (2009)0.10
Overall Trade Restrictiveness Index - Applied Tariff (2009)0.10

Services Service Policy Restrictive Database (SPRD)

Services Trade Restrictions Index - Over All36.60

Non-Tariff Measures (NTM) 2013

No Of NTM Measures (2013)3
No Of NTM Affected Products (HS 6 Digit) (2013)81

Temporary Trade Barriers Database (TTDB) 2013

Temporary Trade Barriers in Effect - Simple Average (2013)1.41
Temporary Trade Barriers in Effect - Weighted Average (2013)1.89

World Development Indicators (WDI)

2015 WDI »
GDP (current US$ Mil)11,064,665
GNI per capita, Atlas method (current US$)7,900.00
Trade Balance (current US$ Mil)385,502.00
Trade Balance (% of GDP)3.48

Doing Business

2016 Doing Business »
Ease of Doing Business Rank78
Trading Across Borders Rank96

Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA)

CPIA Trade Ratings...

Logistics Performance Index (LPI)

2014 LPI »
LPI Score3.53
LPI Rank28