About NTM data


Non-Tariff Measures NTM's are regulations like packaging requirements, labelling requirements, quotas on imports that affect trade. While some measures are necessary there are others which are impediment to free trade. Analysis of NTM data is very important in understanding and improving trade policies. NTM data collection started under the Transparency in Trade (TNT) initiative and there is now data for 90 plus countries. We now have built a list of NTM indicators using the underlying raw NTM data and tariff data all available through UNCTAD TRAINS. This NTM module provides access to several useful NTM indicators like Frequency Ration, Coverage Ratio, Prevalence Score and many other indicators like Frequency and Coverage ratio for duty free trade, and details like number of NTM affected products, number of NTM measures in force and much more. You can go from country summary, to prevalence of NTM, Sector and Measure view. Other available features are

The database was jointly created by UNCTAD and World Bank.