Non-Tariff Measures (NTM) Data Availability


Data Availability

A : Sanitary and phytosanitary measures B : Technical barriers to trade C : Pre-shipment inspection and other formalities D : Price control measures E : Licences, quotas, prohibitions and other quantity control measures F : Charges, taxes and other para-tariff measures G : Finance measures H : Anti-competitive measures I : Trade-related investment measures J : Distribution restrictions L : Subsidies (excluding export subsidies under P700) O : Rules of origin P : Export related measures

CountryNameCountryISO3NTM YearNTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)NTM (count)
Afghanistan AFG2012A (856)B (545)C (193)E (345)F (8)J (34)P (390)
Algeria DZA2016A (5506)B (7302)E (104)F (2)H (54)P (28)
Antigua and Barbuda ATG2016A (475)B (965)C (199)E (496)F (191)P (109)
Argentina ARG2017A (7161)B (9658)C (103)E (1918)F (352)G (1656)H (9)I (1)P (3087)
Australia AUS2015A (9487)B (8279)C (22)E (17)F (1029)P (5020)
Bahamas, The BHS2015A (3590)B (846)C (188)F (613)G (7)H (577)P (120)
Bahrain BHR2015A (10689)B (2472)C (2047)E (136)F (71)H (74)P (4868)
Barbados BRB2015A (909)B (581)C (255)E (154)F (232)P (503)
Benin BEN2014A (2549)B (806)C (492)E (56)F (519)I (1702)P (966)
Bolivia BOL2016A (4362)B (4595)C (16)E (298)F (1841)H (5)P (363)
Brazil BRA2016A (9664)B (19097)C (1345)D (1109)E (2265)F (44)H (24)O (10)P (1839)
Brunei BRN2015A (3539)B (2397)C (53)E (34)F (1015)P (876)
Burkina Faso BFA2012A (1661)B (397)C (361)F (30)H (10)P (200)
Cambodia KHM2015A (3906)B (9452)C (78)E (162)F (925)P (2721)
Cameroon CMR2015A (1746)B (229)E (3)F (447)P (868)
Canada CAN2015A (6378)B (5580)C (1083)E (1079)F (5075)G (10)H (3)P (569)
Chile CHL2016A (3887)B (3652)C (556)D (2)E (35)F (75)P (150)
Colombia COL2016A (5448)B (6793)C (2306)D (771)E (2991)F (203)H (64)P (697)
Costa Rica CRI2016A (24)B (124)E (4)F (5)P (13)
Cote d'Ivoire CIV2012A (192)B (175)C (547)D (22)E (5)F (2)P (105)
Cuba CUB2017A (993)B (2333)C (4)E (12)H (6)P (397)
Dominica DMA2015A (787)B (398)C (94)E (7)F (60)P (70)
Ecuador ECU2016A (6825)B (7751)C (186)D (57)E (1638)F (741)H (9)P (420)
El Salvador SLV2016A (45)B (83)F (1)P (3)
Ethiopia(excludes Eritrea) ETH2015A (3359)B (3818)C (3847)F (351)P (991)
European Union EUN2016A (12075)B (24340)C (270)E (710)G (76)H (61)P (772)
Gambia, The GMB2013A (3377)B (1634)E (59)F (54)I (46)P (80)
Ghana GHA2014A (4348)B (8467)C (162)E (41)F (12)P (1490)
Grenada GRD2015A (737)B (871)C (13)E (111)F (77)H (2)P (160)
Guatemala GTM2016A (191)B (61)F (1)P (12)
Guyana GUY2015A (2740)B (4911)C (60)E (285)F (27)H (4)P (1464)
Honduras HND2016A (99)B (30)F (19)P (15)
India IND2012A (5390)B (3420)C (72)D (354)E (171)F (902)H (28)P (66)
Indonesia IDN2015A (5765)B (6762)C (2128)E (117)F (88)H (112)J (44)P (3369)
Israel ISR2016A (5313)B (733)C (308)E (58)F (388)I (3)P (720)
Jamaica JAM2015A (664)B (3574)C (37)E (12)F (552)H (8)P (409)
Japan JPN2015A (4051)B (9859)C (766)E (128)F (1778)H (2)P (3119)
Kuwait KWT2015A (8620)B (1753)C (496)E (704)F (700)G (65)H (65)P (1565)
Lebanon LBN2016A (3974)B (2347)C (269)E (134)F (137)G (2)H (66)P (608)
Liberia LBR2014A (3441)B (1311)C (30)E (15)F (1466)J (6)P (554)
Malaysia MYS2015A (4610)B (4603)C (153)E (86)F (651)P (2083)
Mauritania MRT2015A (2579)B (373)C (26)E (27)F (71)H (7)P (369)
Mexico MEX2017A (4083)B (4140)C (315)D (4)E (631)F (748)P (1158)
Morocco MAR2016A (5770)B (5563)C (499)F (521)G (39)P (2557)
Myanmar MMR2015A (3330)B (1603)C (410)E (1424)F (452)H (21)P (1236)
Nepal NPL2012A (1099)B (207)E (500)F (34)H (34)P (9)
New Zealand NZL2016A (5544)B (6961)C (37)F (44)J (13)P (968)
Nicaragua NIC2016A (4627)B (2439)E (61)F (1277)P (428)
Niger NER2014A (1515)B (252)C (337)F (37)P (13)
Nigeria NGA2013A (4598)B (2478)C (3402)E (107)F (54)P (267)
Occ.Pal.Terr PSE2014A (3765)B (4158)E (56)F (765)P (160)
Oman OMN2015A (5706)B (3805)C (331)E (741)F (810)G (361)H (64)P (1669)
Pakistan PAK2016A (999)B (392)C (350)E (50)G (3)P (1155)
Panama PAN2016A (765)B (287)C (79)E (11)F (18)P (2)
Paraguay PRY2016A (2177)B (2370)C (314)E (66)F (349)H (1)P (657)
Peru PER2016A (5400)B (5558)C (28)D (2)E (1)F (108)P (670)
Philippines PHL2015A (9955)B (9470)C (1672)E (2215)F (635)G (530)P (5130)
Qatar QAT2016A (4395)B (6496)C (339)E (22)F (664)P (803)
Russian Federation RUS2016A (10110)B (10803)C (1226)E (128)F (2301)H (487)P (6742)
Saudi Arabia SAU2016A (9105)B (14208)C (1130)E (161)F (1231)G (251)H (1354)P (6710)
Senegal SEN2012A (1286)B (103)C (729)E (21)F (9)P (427)
Singapore SGP2015A (3910)B (2747)C (24)E (75)F (1086)P (1566)
Sri Lanka LKA2016A (5036)B (6500)C (349)F (554)H (2)P (3254)
Suriname SUR2015A (997)B (231)E (14)F (34)P (46)
Switzerland CHE2015A (14102)B (16746)C (694)F (1103)H (1)P (11847)
Tajikistan TJK2015A (1362)B (1109)E (3)F (70)P (279)
Thailand THA2015A (6454)B (2774)C (59)D (11)E (87)F (841)H (7)P (376)
Trinidad and Tobago TTO2015A (415)B (2675)C (81)E (125)F (648)H (3)P (1371)
Tunisia TUN2016A (2719)B (3152)C (850)E (662)F (1781)G (717)H (219)P (2381)
Turkey TUR2016A (1387)B (4306)C (1843)E (147)F (344)G (1)H (109)I (50)P (1261)
United Arab Emirates ARE2015A (8517)B (3616)C (3406)E (2293)F (1916)G (203)H (1165)P (8752)
United States USA2014A (7878)B (11384)C (561)D (40)E (8)F (1382)P (3305)
Uruguay URY2016A (2569)B (3772)C (177)E (80)F (260)H (14)L (2)P (68)
Venezuela VEN2016A (360)B (114)C (8)E (18)F (20)G (33)H (2)O (4)
Vietnam VNM2015A (8116)B (2947)C (139)E (5)F (91)G (30)H (4)J (13)P (1919)