Did you know?


This section contains some not very obvious, but useful features in the WITS application.

  • How to pivot data in results screen?
    Pivoting data is useful mainly in advanced queries, when you are retrieving data for multiple years, multiple partners, etc. When you click on the View icon to view a report, the column selection screen is displayed. At the bottom, there are two drop-down lists: Pivot Header and Pivot Data. In Pivot Header, select the column on which you want to pivot, and in Pivot Data, select the column you want to pivot. For example, if you want to pivot the trade value on the year, then, in Pivot Header, select Trade Year, and in the Pivot Data, select Trade value, and then click Proceed. You will notice that value is now pivoted across years.
  • How to sort data in Query result?

    There are two ways in which you can order your query results.

    First Method

    On the query result screen, click the column header of the column on which you want to sort the data. This method of sorting, however, has a limitation; the sorting only affects the records displayed in the screen. The remaining records remain unsorted.

    Second Method

    In the column selection screen, using the Up button, move the column on which you want to sort the data to the first position. By default, the query results are sorted on the first column in the list. So, if you wish to sort the query results by the trade year, then move the Trade Year column to the top of the list.

  • How to rename an Advanced Query?

    Renaming an advanced query is useful when you want to create a query similar to an existing query with only minor changes. For example, if you have created a query with 100 reporters, 50 partners, and 100 products for 10 years, and now you want to create the same query with one additional partner, you can save the existing query with a new name and make modifications to it. You can do this by performing the following steps:

    Step 1: Open an existing query.

    You will be provided the option to modify all query parameters.

    Step 2: Click the Modify link against Partner.

    The following alert will be displayed: Click OK to overwrite. Click Cancel to give new name.

    Step 3: Click Cancel.

    A dialog box will be displayed prompting you to enter the new name and description for the query.

    Step 4: Type the appropriate name and description and click Save.

    The whole query will be saved with the new name. You can now modify this new query to add a new partner.

  • How to complete unfinished queries?

    If you have started composing an advanced query and realize the need for a custom country group for the query, do the following:

    • Leave the query and go and create the custom country group.
    • Come back to the Advanced Query screen and select the link to modify the query you had left unfinished.
    • Complete the query.

    Note that when an advanced query is being formed, the query parameters get stored as they are being set. This helps you to leave a query midway, which is especially useful for users in countries with intermittent internet connection.

  • How to download unlimited UN Comtrade data?

    As per UNSD guidelines, all user-download of UN Comtrade data is restricted to 50,000 rows per download, even though there is no limit to the number of downloads. However, if you have subscribed for unlimited UNSD Comtrade data or if your organization by default has rights to unlimited UN Comtrade download to access unlimited download

    • On any UN Comtrade query screen, look for the text in green font stating: "We are pleased to announce UNSD has made UN Comtrade data free to all users with a limit of 50,000 rows/download request. For unlimited access click here."
    • Click on the provided hyperlink. This will display the UNSD authorization screen in a popup window.
    • Click on the link to http://Comtrade.un.org/db/u/uAccountInfo.aspx and enter your WITS registered e-mail address and obtain the key.
    • Copy the key and paste it in the Comtrade key text box on the UNSD authorization screen.
    • Select the disclaimer checkbox and click Confirm.
    • If you are authorized to have unlimited access, an alert will be displayed stating that you have been granted unlimited access.

    Additional information on UN Comtrade can be found in the FAQ page.

  • How to share your country and product group?

    WITS has a feature using which you can share your country and product groups with other users. This feature will be useful when you are doing research on a similar set of products and/or countries. Once you have created your country and or product group(s), perform the following steps.

    • Select Share Group sub-menu under Utilities.
    • You will see a screen with all the Country Groups you have created.
    • If you want to share Product Groups click on the Product Groups tab.
    • Select the country/product group(s) you want to share.
    • In the Email Address field, type in the email of the person with whom you want to share the group(s).
    • Click on the Share button.
    • Wait for acknowledgment, Select Groups successfully shared.

    Please note you can share your groups only with one user at a time.

    You can share the groups with only other registered WITS users.

  • How do I learn more about WITS?

    For more details about WITS features after login, please visit the online help, or download the WITS User Manual.

If you haven't found the answer to your question or problem, feel free to send us an email at wits@worldbank.org.