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Country NameCountry ISO3Country CodeLong NameIncome GroupLending CategoryRegionCurrency UnitOther GroupsWTO Member
AfghanistanAFG004Islamic State of AfghanistanLow incomeIDASouth AsiaAfghan afghaniHIPCYes
AlbaniaALB008Republic of AlbaniaUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaAlbanian lekYes
AlgeriaDZA012People's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaUpper middle incomeIBRDMiddle East & North AfricaAlgerian dinarNo
American SamoaASM016American SamoaUpper middle incomeEast Asia & PacificU.S. dollarNo
AngolaAGO024People's Republic of AngolaLower middle incomeIBRDSub-Saharan AfricaAngolan kwanzaYes
Antigua and BarbudaATG028Antigua and BarbudaHigh incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanEast Caribbean dollarYes
ArgentinaARG032Argentine RepublicUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanArgentine pesoYes
ArmeniaARM051Republic of ArmeniaUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaArmenian dramYes
ArubaABW533ArubaHigh incomeLatin America & CaribbeanAruban florinNo
AustraliaAUS036Commonwealth of AustraliaHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificAustralian dollarYes
AustriaAUT040Republic of AustriaHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
AzerbaijanAZE031Republic of AzerbaijanUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaNew Azeri manatNo
Bahamas, TheBHS044Commonwealth of The BahamasHigh incomeLatin America & CaribbeanBahamian dollarNo
BahrainBHR048Kingdom of BahrainHigh incomeMiddle East & North AfricaBahraini dinarYes
BangladeshBGD050People's Republic of BangladeshLower middle incomeIDASouth AsiaBangladeshi takaYes
BarbadosBRB052BarbadosHigh incomeLatin America & CaribbeanBarbados dollarYes
BelarusBLR112Republic of BelarusUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaBelarusian rubelNo
BelgiumBEL056Kingdom of BelgiumHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
BelizeBLZ084BelizeUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanBelize dollarYes
BeninBEN204Republic of BeninLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaWest African CFA francHIPCYes
BermudaBMU060The BermudasHigh incomeNorth AmericaBermuda dollarNo
BhutanBTN064Kingdom of BhutanLower middle incomeIDASouth AsiaBhutanese ngultrumNo
BoliviaBOL068Plurinational State of BoliviaLower middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanBolivian BolivianoHIPCYes
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBIH070Bosnia and HerzegovinaUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaBosnia and Herzegovina convertible markNo
BotswanaBWA072Republic of BotswanaUpper middle incomeIBRDSub-Saharan AfricaBotswana pulaYes
Bouvet IslandBVT074OthersNo
Br. Antr. TerrBAT080OthersNo
BrazilBRA076Federative Republic of BrazilUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanBrazilian realYes
British Indian Ocean Ter.IOT086OthersNo
British Virgin IslandsVGB092OthersNo
BruneiBRN096Brunei DarussalamHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificBrunei dollarYes
BulgariaBGR100Republic of BulgariaUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaBulgarian levYes
Burkina FasoBFA854Burkina FasoLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaWest African CFA francHIPCYes
BurundiBDI108Republic of BurundiLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaBurundi francHIPCYes
CambodiaKHM116Kingdom of CambodiaLower middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificCambodian rielYes
CameroonCMR120Republic of CameroonLower middle incomeBlendSub-Saharan AfricaCentral African CFA francHIPCYes
CanadaCAN124CanadaHigh incomeNorth AmericaCanadian dollarYes
Cape VerdeCPV132Republic of Cabo VerdeLower middle incomeBlendSub-Saharan AfricaCabo Verde escudoYes
Cayman IslandsCYM136Cayman IslandsHigh incomeLatin America & CaribbeanCayman Islands dollarNo
Central African RepublicCAF140Central African RepublicLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaCentral African CFA francHIPCYes
ChadTCD148Republic of ChadLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaCentral African CFA francHIPCYes
ChileCHL152Republic of ChileHigh incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanChilean pesoYes
ChinaCHN156People's Republic of ChinaUpper middle incomeIBRDEast Asia & PacificChinese yuanYes
Christmas IslandCXR162OthersNo
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsCCK166OthersNo
ColombiaCOL170Republic of ColombiaUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanColombian pesoYes
ComorosCOM174Union of the ComorosLower middle incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaComorian francHIPCNo
Congo, Dem. Rep.ZAR180Democratic Republic of the CongoLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaCongolese francHIPCYes
Congo, Rep.COG178Republic of CongoLower middle incomeBlendSub-Saharan AfricaCentral African CFA francHIPCYes
Cook IslandsCOK184OthersNo
Costa RicaCRI188Republic of Costa RicaUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanCosta Rican colonYes
Cote d'IvoireCIV384Republic of Côte d'IvoireLower middle incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaWest African CFA francHIPCYes
CroatiaHRV191Republic of CroatiaHigh incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaCroatian kunaYes
CubaCUB192Republic of CubaUpper middle incomeLatin America & CaribbeanCuban pesoYes
CuraçaoCUW531CuraçaoHigh incomeLatin America & CaribbeanNetherlands Antillean guilderNo
CyprusCYP196Republic of CyprusHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
Czech RepublicCZE203Czech RepublicHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaCzech korunaYes
DenmarkDNK208Kingdom of DenmarkHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaDanish kroneYes
DjiboutiDJI262Republic of DjiboutiLower middle incomeIDAMiddle East & North AfricaDjibouti francYes
DominicaDMA212Commonwealth of DominicaUpper middle incomeBlendLatin America & CaribbeanEast Caribbean dollarYes
Dominican RepublicDOM214Dominican RepublicUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanDominican pesoYes
East Asia & PacificEASEASEast Asia & PacificOthers
East TimorTMP626Democratic Republic of Timor-LesteLower middle incomeBlendEast Asia & PacificU.S. dollarNo
EcuadorECU218Republic of EcuadorUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanU.S. dollarYes
Egypt, Arab Rep.EGY818Arab Republic of EgyptLower middle incomeIBRDMiddle East & North AfricaEgyptian poundYes
El SalvadorSLV222Republic of El SalvadorLower middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanU.S. dollarYes
Equatorial GuineaGNQ226Republic of Equatorial GuineaUpper middle incomeIBRDSub-Saharan AfricaCentral African CFA francNo
EritreaERI232State of EritreaLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaEritrean nakfaHIPCNo
EstoniaEST233Republic of EstoniaHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
EswatiniSWZ748Kingdom of EswatiniLower middle incomeIBRDSub-Saharan AfricaSwazi lilangeniYes
Ethiopia(excludes Eritrea)ETH231Federal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaEthiopian birrHIPCNo
Ethiopia(includes Eritrea)ETF230OthersNo
Europe & Central AsiaECSECSEurope & Central AsiaOthers
Faeroe IslandsFRO234Faroe IslandsHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaDanish kroneNo
Falkland IslandFLK238OthersNo
FijiFJI242Republic of FijiUpper middle incomeBlendEast Asia & PacificFijian dollarYes
FinlandFIN246Republic of FinlandHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
Fm SudanSDN736Republic of the SudanLower middle incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaSudanese poundHIPCNo
Fr. So. Ant. TrATF260OthersNo
FranceFRA250French RepublicHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
Free ZonesFRE838OthersNo
French GuianaGUF254OthersNo
French PolynesiaPYF258French PolynesiaHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificCFP francNo
GabonGAB266Gabonese RepublicUpper middle incomeIBRDSub-Saharan AfricaCentral African CFA francYes
Gambia, TheGMB270Republic of The GambiaLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaGambian dalasiHIPCYes
GeorgiaGEO268GeorgiaUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaGeorgian lariYes
German Democratic RepublicDDR278OthersNo
GermanyDEU276Federal Republic of GermanyHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
GhanaGHA288Republic of GhanaLower middle incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaNew Ghanaian cediHIPCYes
GreeceGRC300Hellenic RepublicHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
GreenlandGRL304GreenlandHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaDanish kroneNo
GrenadaGRD308GrenadaUpper middle incomeBlendLatin America & CaribbeanEast Caribbean dollarYes
GuamGUM316GuamHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificU.S. dollarNo
GuatemalaGTM320Republic of GuatemalaUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanGuatemalan quetzalYes
GuineaGIN324Republic of GuineaLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaGuinean francHIPCYes
Guinea-BissauGNB624Republic of Guinea-BissauLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaWest African CFA francHIPCYes
GuyanaGUY328Co-operative Republic of GuyanaUpper middle incomeIDALatin America & CaribbeanGuyana dollarHIPCYes
HaitiHTI332Republic of HaitiLow incomeIDALatin America & CaribbeanHaitian gourdeHIPCYes
Heard Island and McDonald IslaHMD334OthersNo
Holy SeeVAT336OthersNo
HondurasHND340Republic of HondurasLower middle incomeIDALatin America & CaribbeanHonduran lempiraHIPCYes
Hong Kong, ChinaHKG344Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of ChinaHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificHong Kong dollarYes
HungaryHUN348HungaryHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaHungarian forintYes
IcelandISL352Republic of IcelandHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaIceland kronaYes
IndiaIND356Republic of IndiaLower middle incomeIBRDSouth AsiaIndian rupeeYes
IndonesiaIDN360Republic of IndonesiaLower middle incomeIBRDEast Asia & PacificIndonesian rupiahYes
Iran, Islamic Rep.IRN364Islamic Republic of IranUpper middle incomeIBRDMiddle East & North AfricaIranian rialNo
IraqIRQ368Republic of IraqUpper middle incomeIBRDMiddle East & North AfricaIraqi dinarNo
IrelandIRL372IrelandHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
IsraelISR376State of IsraelHigh incomeMiddle East & North AfricaIsraeli new shekelYes
ItalyITA380Italian RepublicHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
JamaicaJAM388JamaicaUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanJamaican dollarYes
JapanJPN392JapanHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificJapanese yenYes
JordanJOR400Hashemite Kingdom of JordanUpper middle incomeIBRDMiddle East & North AfricaJordanian dinarYes
KazakhstanKAZ398Republic of KazakhstanUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaKazakh tengeYes
KenyaKEN404Republic of KenyaLower middle incomeBlendSub-Saharan AfricaKenyan shillingYes
KiribatiKIR296Republic of KiribatiLower middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificAustralian dollarNo
Korea, Dem. Rep.PRK408Democratic People's Republic of KoreaLow incomeEast Asia & PacificDemocratic People's Republic of Korean wonNo
Korea, Rep.KOR410Republic of KoreaHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificKorean wonYes
KuwaitKWT414State of KuwaitHigh incomeMiddle East & North AfricaKuwaiti dinarYes
Kyrgyz RepublicKGZ417Kyrgyz RepublicLower middle incomeIDAEurope & Central AsiaKyrgyz somHIPCYes
Lao PDRLAO418Lao People's Democratic RepublicLower middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificLao kipYes
Latin America & CaribbeanLCNLCNLatin America & CaribbeanOthers
LatviaLVA428Republic of LatviaHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
LebanonLBN422Lebanese RepublicUpper middle incomeIBRDMiddle East & North AfricaLebanese poundNo
LesothoLSO426Kingdom of LesothoLower middle incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaLesotho lotiYes
LiberiaLBR430Republic of LiberiaLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaU.S. dollarHIPCYes
LibyaLBY434Socialist People's Libyan Arab JamahiriyaUpper middle incomeIBRDMiddle East & North AfricaLibyan dinarNo
LithuaniaLTU440Republic of LithuaniaHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
LuxembourgLUX442Grand Duchy of LuxembourgHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
MacaoMAC446Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of ChinaHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificMacao patacaYes
MadagascarMDG450Republic of MadagascarLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaMalagasy ariaryHIPCYes
MalawiMWI454Republic of MalawiLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaMalawi kwachaHIPCYes
MalaysiaMYS458MalaysiaUpper middle incomeIBRDEast Asia & PacificMalaysian ringgitYes
MaldivesMDV462Republic of MaldivesUpper middle incomeIDASouth AsiaMaldivian rufiyaaYes
MaliMLI466Republic of MaliLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaWest African CFA francHIPCYes
MaltaMLT470Republic of MaltaHigh incomeMiddle East & North AfricaEuroEuro areaYes
Marshall IslandsMHL584Republic of the Marshall IslandsUpper middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificU.S. dollarNo
MauritaniaMRT478Islamic Republic of MauritaniaLower middle incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaMauritanian ouguiyaHIPCYes
MauritiusMUS480Republic of MauritiusUpper middle incomeIBRDSub-Saharan AfricaMauritian rupeeYes
MexicoMEX484United Mexican StatesUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanMexican pesoYes
Micronesia, Fed. Sts.FSM583Federated States of MicronesiaLower middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificU.S. dollarNo
Middle East & North AfricaMEAMEAMiddle East & North AfricaOthers
MoldovaMDA498Republic of MoldovaLower middle incomeBlendEurope & Central AsiaMoldovan leuYes
MonacoMCO492Principality of MonacoHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroNo
MongoliaMNG496MongoliaLower middle incomeBlendEast Asia & PacificMongolian tugrikYes
MoroccoMAR504Kingdom of MoroccoLower middle incomeIBRDMiddle East & North AfricaMoroccan dirhamYes
MozambiqueMOZ508Republic of MozambiqueLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaNew Mozambican meticalHIPCYes
MyanmarMMR104Republic of the Union of MyanmarLower middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificMyanmar kyatYes
NamibiaNAM516Republic of NamibiaUpper middle incomeIBRDSub-Saharan AfricaNamibian dollarYes
NepalNPL524NepalLow incomeIDASouth AsiaNepalese rupeeYes
NetherlandsNLD528Kingdom of the NetherlandsHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
Netherlands AntillesANT530OthersYes
Neutral ZoneNZE536OthersNo
New CaledoniaNCL540New CaledoniaHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificCFP francNo
New ZealandNZL554New ZealandHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificNew Zealand dollarYes
NicaraguaNIC558Republic of NicaraguaLower middle incomeIDALatin America & CaribbeanNicaraguan gold cordobaHIPCYes
NigerNER562Republic of NigerLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaWest African CFA francHIPCYes
NigeriaNGA566Federal Republic of NigeriaLower middle incomeBlendSub-Saharan AfricaNigerian nairaYes
Norfolk IslandNFK574OthersNo
North AmericaNACNACNorth AmericaOthers
North MacedoniaMKD807Republic of North MacedoniaUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaMacedonian denarYes
Northern Mariana IslandsMNP580Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana IslandsHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificU.S. dollarNo
NorwayNOR578Kingdom of NorwayHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaNorwegian kroneYes
OmanOMN512Sultanate of OmanHigh incomeMiddle East & North AfricaRial OmaniYes
Other Asia, nesOAS490OthersNo
Pacific IslandsPCE582OthersNo
PakistanPAK586Islamic Republic of PakistanLower middle incomeBlendSouth AsiaPakistani rupeeYes
PalauPLW585Republic of PalauHigh incomeIBRDEast Asia & PacificU.S. dollarNo
PanamaPAN591Republic of PanamaHigh incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanPanamanian balboaYes
Papua New GuineaPNG598The Independent State of Papua New GuineaLower middle incomeBlendEast Asia & PacificPapua New Guinea kinaYes
ParaguayPRY600Republic of ParaguayUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanParaguayan guaraniYes
PeruPER604Republic of PeruUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanPeruvian new solYes
PhilippinesPHL608Republic of the PhilippinesLower middle incomeIBRDEast Asia & PacificPhilippine pesoYes
PolandPOL616Republic of PolandHigh incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaPolish zlotyYes
PortugalPRT620Portuguese RepublicHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
QatarQAT634State of QatarHigh incomeMiddle East & North AfricaQatari riyalYes
RomaniaROM642RomaniaUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaNew Romanian leuYes
Russian FederationRUS643Russian FederationUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaRussian rubleYes
RwandaRWA646Republic of RwandaLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaRwandan francHIPCYes
Saint BarthélemyBLM652OthersNo
Saint HelenaSHN654OthersNo
Saint Maarten (Dutch part)SXM534Sint Maarten (Dutch part)High incomeLatin America & CaribbeanNetherlands Antillean guilderNo
Saint Pierre and MiquelonSPM666OthersNo
SamoaWSM882SamoaUpper middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificSamoan talaYes
San MarinoSMR674Republic of San MarinoHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroNo
Sao Tome and PrincipeSTP678Democratic Republic of São Tomé and PrincipeLower middle incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaSão Tomé and Principe dobraHIPCNo
Saudi ArabiaSAU682Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaHigh incomeMiddle East & North AfricaSaudi Arabian riyalYes
SenegalSEN686Republic of SenegalLower middle incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaWest African CFA francHIPCYes
Serbia, FR(Serbia/Montenegro)SER891OthersNo
SeychellesSYC690Republic of SeychellesHigh incomeIBRDSub-Saharan AfricaSeychelles rupeeYes
Sierra LeoneSLE694Republic of Sierra LeoneLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaSierra Leonean leoneHIPCYes
SingaporeSGP702Republic of SingaporeHigh incomeEast Asia & PacificSingapore dollarYes
Slovak RepublicSVK703Slovak RepublicHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
SloveniaSVN705Republic of SloveniaHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
Solomon IslandsSLB090Solomon IslandsLower middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificSolomon Islands dollarYes
SomaliaSOM706Somali Democratic RepublicLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaSomali shillingHIPCNo
South AfricaZAF710Republic of South AfricaUpper middle incomeIBRDSub-Saharan AfricaSouth African randYes
South AsiaSASSASSouth AsiaOthers
South Georgia and the South SaSGS239OthersNo
South SudanSSD728Republic of South SudanLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaSouth Sudanese PoundNo
Soviet UnionSVU810OthersNo
SpainESP724Kingdom of SpainHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaEuroEuro areaYes
Special CategoriesSPE839OthersNo
Sri LankaLKA144Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri LankaUpper middle incomeIBRDSouth AsiaSri Lankan rupeeYes
St. Kitts and NevisKNA659St. Kitts and NevisHigh incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanEast Caribbean dollarYes
St. LuciaLCA662St. LuciaUpper middle incomeBlendLatin America & CaribbeanEast Caribbean dollarYes
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesVCT670St. Vincent and the GrenadinesUpper middle incomeBlendLatin America & CaribbeanEast Caribbean dollarYes
Sub-Saharan AfricaSSFSSFSub-Saharan AfricaOthers
SurinameSUR740Republic of SurinameUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanSuriname dollarYes
SwedenSWE752Kingdom of SwedenHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaSwedish kronaYes
SwitzerlandCHE756SwitzerlandHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaSwiss francYes
Syrian Arab RepublicSYR760Syrian Arab RepublicLow incomeIDAMiddle East & North AfricaSyrian poundNo
TajikistanTJK762Republic of TajikistanLow incomeIDAEurope & Central AsiaTajik somoniYes
TanzaniaTZA834United Republic of TanzaniaLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaTanzanian shillingHIPCYes
ThailandTHA764Kingdom of ThailandUpper middle incomeIBRDEast Asia & PacificThai bahtYes
TogoTGO768Republic of TogoLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaWest African CFA francHIPCYes
TongaTON776Kingdom of TongaUpper middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificTongan pa'angaYes
Trinidad and TobagoTTO780Republic of Trinidad and TobagoHigh incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanTrinidad and Tobago dollarYes
TunisiaTUN788Republic of TunisiaLower middle incomeIBRDMiddle East & North AfricaTunisian dinarYes
TurkeyTUR792Republic of TurkeyUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaNew Turkish liraYes
TurkmenistanTKM795TurkmenistanUpper middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaNew Turkmen manatNo
Turks and Caicos Isl.TCA796Turks and Caicos IslandsHigh incomeLatin America & CaribbeanU.S. dollarNo
TuvaluTUV798TuvaluUpper middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificAustralian dollarNo
UgandaUGA800Republic of UgandaLow incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaUgandan shillingHIPCYes
UkraineUKR804UkraineLower middle incomeIBRDEurope & Central AsiaUkrainian hryvniaYes
United Arab EmiratesARE784United Arab EmiratesHigh incomeMiddle East & North AfricaU.A.E. dirhamYes
United KingdomGBR826United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandHigh incomeEurope & Central AsiaPound sterlingYes
United StatesUSA840United States of AmericaHigh incomeNorth AmericaU.S. dollarYes
United States Minor Outlying IUMI581OthersNo
UruguayURY858Oriental Republic of UruguayHigh incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanUruguayan pesoYes
Us Msc.Pac.IUSP849OthersNo
UzbekistanUZB860Republic of UzbekistanLower middle incomeBlendEurope & Central AsiaUzbek sumNo
VanuatuVUT548Republic of VanuatuLower middle incomeIDAEast Asia & PacificVanuatu vatuYes
VenezuelaVEN862República Bolivariana de VenezuelaUpper middle incomeIBRDLatin America & CaribbeanVenezuelan bolivar fuerteYes
VietnamVNM704Socialist Republic of VietnamLower middle incomeIBRDEast Asia & PacificVietnamese dongYes
Wallis and Futura Isl.WLF876OthersNo
Western SaharaESH732OthersNo
YemenYEM887Republic of YemenLow incomeIDAMiddle East & North AfricaYemeni rialYes
Yemen DemocraticYDR720OthersNo
ZambiaZMB894Republic of ZambiaLower middle incomeIDASub-Saharan AfricaNew Zambian kwachaHIPCYes
ZimbabweZWE716Republic of ZimbabweLower middle incomeBlendSub-Saharan AfricaU.S. dollarYes