Simulation Tool


The WITS Global Tariff Cuts and Trade Simulator, is an analytical tool that enables you to perform the following:

  • Tariff Cuts
    In Tariff Cuts module, users can cut the applied tariff rates using prescribed formulas. Available formulas include specification of new rate or new maximum rate, linear percentage cut or Swiss formula. Any number of different formulas (or same formula with different parameters) may be applied for different products and countries. Both pre- and post-tariff cut rates are reported for every importer-exporter combination and for each product at HS 6-digit level.
  • Global Simulation
    The Global Simulation model is developed by Professors Joseph Francoise and Keith Hall. The model is a partial equilibrium analysis of global trade policy changes at the industry (product) level. The framework employs national product differentiation, and allows for the simultaneous assessment of trade policy changes, at the industry level, on a global, regional, or national level. Results allow the assessment of importer and exporter effects related to trade values, tariff revenues, exporter (producer) surplus, and importer (consumer). For more information on Global Simulation Methodology, click here
  • SMART with Users’ Own Data
    In this module, users can export the template, populate it with their own data, import it to the module and run the SMART simulation. If only a part of the data elements are available with the users, they can download the data from the SMART module within WITS and use only the missing elements to be combined with the own data. For more information on SMART Simulation Methodology, click here

You can download user manual from

After installation, use the shortcut Start » All Programs » The World Bank – WITS » WITS Global Tariff Cuts and Trade Simulator to launch the application.

Please note the following:

  • Please read Terms and conditions before downloading this software.
  • Individual registration is prerequisite to use this tool (Note: If you already have a WITS username and password, you can use that).
  • This software works only in operating system Windows XP (with SP 2 or above) or above

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