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Nomenclature Product Group Classification Product Group Classification Description Product Group Product Group Description Number Of Leaf Level Products
HS 1988/92 Sector This product group is largely based on World Custom Orgainizations (WCO) Sector classification for the Harmonized Sytem (HS) product nomenclature with some minor difference. Total All Products 5228
01-05_Animal Animal 202
06-15_Vegetable Vegetable 333
16-24_FoodProd Food Products 194
25-26_Minerals Minerals 114
27-27_Fuels Fuels 59
28-38_Chemicals Chemicals 767
39-40_PlastiRub Plastic or Rubber 191
41-43_HidesSkin Hides and Skins 76
44-49_Wood Wood 238
50-63_TextCloth Textiles and Clothing 819
64-67_Footwear Footwear 55
68-71_StoneGlas Stone and Glass 196
72-83_Metals Metals 597
84-85_MachElec Mach and Elec 767
86-89_Transport Transportation 133
90-99_Miscellan Miscellaneous 487
HS 1988/92 Stages Of Processing In order to analyze tariff escalation, countries’ nominal tariffs are typically grouped by Stages of Processing (SoP) to reveal the change in tariffs along the production chain Total All Products 5228
UNCTAD-SoP4 Capital goods 908
UNCTAD-SoP3 Consumer goods 1513
UNCTAD-SoP2 Intermediate goods 2028
UNCTAD-SoP1 Raw materials 569
SITC Rev2 SITC Rev2 Groups Product group classification based on Standard International Trade Classification (SITC Rev 2),
The data for this group is based on UN Comtrade SITC product classification.
Summing up all the product group will not give total trade of all products.
AgrRaw Agricultural Raw Materials 114
Chemical Chemical 367
Food Food 306
Fuels Fuel 50
manuf Manufactures 1696
OresMtls Ores and Metals 159
Textiles Textiles 370
Transp Machinery and Transport Equipment 416