World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) is a web application developed by World Bank in collaboration with UNCTAD, ITC, UNSD, and WTO.

WITS provides access to all major trade and trade-barrier databases of World Bank and partner organizations through one integrated system and user interface. This combination of various data sources within unique software makes data retrieval and analysis easy and more comprehensive.

This e-Learning tutorial will walk you through the basics of using WITS to query the underlying database. Some of the features include

  • Databases available, coverage
  • Product Nomenclature
  • Register and Login
  • Menus in WITS Application
  • Data Availability for various databases
  • How to obtain Product Concordances
  • How to Query Trade Data
  • Basics of Tariff and how to query
  • Tips and Tricks to use the application

Additional Videos:
WITS Introduction and Trade Statistics (TradeStats)
Trade Statistics (TradeStats) by Country

Features and Benefits