NTM Additional Notes

UNCTAD, in collaboration with other agencies, has embarked, since 2012, on revamping its database on non-tariff measures (NTMs). A new classification of NTMs has been developed jointly with partner international agencies. For additional information on the on-going work on NTMs, including the methodology used to collect NTM data, please click here.

Using the new classification, new data are being collected in many countries with the aim of covering as many countries as possible in coming months. Data collected are disseminated in WITS.

To access the raw data, the user needs to log in to WITS and may download the data through Quick Search menu by selecting NTM - View and Export Raw Data sub-menu. For current data availability select TRAINS-NTB tab on Support Materials --> Data Availability on the WITS menu bar.

For aggregated data, the following two indicators are currently available:

1. No Of NTM Measures defined as:.

Number of distinct NTMs measures that are in effect in a country in a given year.

This is obtained by counting the distinct categories/codes of the NTM classification at their most detailed level which are found in a country in a particular year. However, it should be noted that some measures or requirements found in trade regulations, sometimes with different scope and implementation, may have been assigned the same NTM code. Therefore, the actual number of measures/requirements may be underestimated in some cases.

2. No Of NTM Affected Products (HS 6 Digit) defined as:.

Number of products at HS 6 digit level that are affected by at least one type of NTM in a particular year

The collection of NTM data is done at the National Tariff Line level. For country comparison purposes, data are aggregated at HS 6 digits level. It should be noted that, a product even at its most detailed level, may be affected by more than one NTM.