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 Nigeria NTM Prevalence by Sector


Type count
Sector NTM Type Count Share NTM affected product - count
All Import Products3+ types5.98302
All Import Products2 types17.08863
All Import Products1 type54.752766
All Import ProductsNo NTMs22.191121
Animal3+ types10.5324
Animal2 types22.8152
Animal1 type27.6363
AnimalNo NTMs39.0489
Chemicals3+ types0.766
Chemicals2 types2.5320
Chemicals1 type17.87141
ChemicalsNo NTMs78.83622
Food Products3+ types19.6938
Food Products2 types56.48109
Food Products1 type18.1335
Food ProductsNo NTMs5.7011
Footwear3+ types6.123
Footwear2 types24.4912
Footwear1 type69.3934
Fuels1 type7.143
FuelsNo NTMs92.8639
Hides and Skins3+ types24.6417
Hides and Skins2 types26.0918
Hides and Skins1 type30.4321
Hides and SkinsNo NTMs18.8413
Mach and Elec3+ types23.54181
Mach and Elec2 types59.56458
Mach and Elec1 type16.64128
Mach and ElecNo NTMs0.262
Metals3+ types0.181
Metals2 types2.1112
Metals1 type91.73521
MetalsNo NTMs5.9934
Minerals1 type15.0916
MineralsNo NTMs84.9190
Miscellaneous3+ types1.104
Miscellaneous2 types16.8561
Miscellaneous1 type78.45284
MiscellaneousNo NTMs3.5913
Plastic or Rubber2 types3.327
Plastic or Rubber1 type95.73202
Plastic or RubberNo NTMs0.952
Stone and Glass2 types1.022
Stone and Glass1 type88.78174
Stone and GlassNo NTMs10.2020
Textiles and Clothing3+ types0.121
Textiles and Clothing2 types7.8763
Textiles and Clothing1 type74.91600
Textiles and ClothingNo NTMs17.10137
Transportation2 types19.8526
Transportation1 type78.63103
TransportationNo NTMs1.532
Vegetable3+ types3.3210
Vegetable2 types3.6511
Vegetable1 type81.73246
VegetableNo NTMs11.3034
Wood3+ types7.1717
Wood2 types5.0612
Wood1 type82.28195
WoodNo NTMs5.4913