Global perspective Total for Export and Buyer


The following graph depicts the trade network for a selected HS product (or aggregate) from a global perspective. Click on a specific node to highlight trade relations of country i (Reporter). There are two possible viewpoints: Buyer and Seller. Buyer side shows the role of each country as source of demand and node size is proportional to Import market share; while Seller side shows the role of each country as supplier and node size is proportional to Export market share. For a given period (Year) the graph below reports the global trade network in the selected commodity (Product) identified using the preferred classification (Nomenclature). Underlying information may come from two sources: export declarations or mirror imports declarations (Trade Flows). Use the "Show Links" check box to toggle on or of the links and use the "Show Labels" checkbox to display country name or iso code in the nodes. You can select to show name or ISO code from the "Show Country" drop down. You can also click on individual node to selectively lable the node.

Trade Flow (Source)
View Point
Double click on a country to show.