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 Myanmar NTM Prevalence by Sector


Type count
Sector NTM Type Count Share NTM affected product - count
All Import Products3+ types12.78665
All Import Products2 types3.30172
All Import Products1 type17.64918
All Import ProductsNo NTMs66.283450
Animal3+ types37.20125
Animal2 types0.893
Animal1 type17.8660
AnimalNo NTMs44.05148
Chemicals3+ types4.4535
Chemicals2 types9.9178
Chemicals1 type43.58343
ChemicalsNo NTMs42.06331
Food Products3+ types57.35121
Food Products2 types26.5456
Food Products1 type6.6414
Food ProductsNo NTMs9.4820
FootwearNo NTMs100.0047
Fuels3+ types16.287
Fuels2 types25.5811
Fuels1 type37.2116
FuelsNo NTMs20.939
Hides and Skins1 type31.8822
Hides and SkinsNo NTMs68.1247
Mach and Elec2 types1.8214
Mach and Elec1 type13.75106
Mach and ElecNo NTMs84.44651
Metals2 types0.181
Metals1 type16.1691
MetalsNo NTMs83.66471
Minerals3+ types0.951
Minerals2 types0.951
Minerals1 type79.0583
MineralsNo NTMs19.0520
Miscellaneous3+ types0.562
Miscellaneous2 types1.696
Miscellaneous1 type6.7824
MiscellaneousNo NTMs90.96322
Plastic or Rubber1 type11.3724
Plastic or RubberNo NTMs88.63187
Stone and Glass2 types0.511
Stone and Glass1 type13.8527
Stone and GlassNo NTMs85.64167
Textiles and Clothing3+ types1.8815
Textiles and Clothing1 type0.635
Textiles and ClothingNo NTMs97.49776
Transportation2 types0.771
Transportation1 type57.6975
TransportationNo NTMs41.5454
Vegetable3+ types84.09296
Vegetable1 type5.4019
VegetableNo NTMs10.5137
Wood3+ types26.8163
Wood1 type3.839
WoodNo NTMs69.36163