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 Lebanon NTM Prevalence by Sector


Type count
Sector NTM Type Count Share NTM affected product - count
All Import Products3+ types5.26274
All Import Products2 types8.82459
All Import Products1 type9.47493
All Import ProductsNo NTMs76.453979
Animal3+ types33.93114
Animal2 types26.1988
Animal1 type4.1714
AnimalNo NTMs35.71120
Chemicals3+ types6.2349
Chemicals2 types6.2349
Chemicals1 type4.7037
ChemicalsNo NTMs82.85652
Food Products3+ types18.4839
Food Products2 types45.9797
Food Products1 type22.7548
Food ProductsNo NTMs12.8027
FootwearNo NTMs100.0047
Fuels1 type6.983
FuelsNo NTMs93.0240
Hides and Skins2 types47.8333
Hides and SkinsNo NTMs52.1736
Mach and Elec3+ types1.179
Mach and Elec1 type16.08124
Mach and ElecNo NTMs82.75638
Metals3+ types3.2018
Metals2 types0.181
Metals1 type3.0217
MetalsNo NTMs93.61527
Minerals3+ types5.716
Minerals2 types1.902
MineralsNo NTMs92.3897
Miscellaneous3+ types1.987
Miscellaneous2 types5.6520
Miscellaneous1 type5.6520
MiscellaneousNo NTMs86.72307
Plastic or Rubber3+ types2.375
Plastic or Rubber2 types0.471
Plastic or RubberNo NTMs97.16205
Stone and Glass3+ types2.054
Stone and Glass1 type5.1310
Stone and GlassNo NTMs92.82181
Textiles and Clothing3+ types1.018
Textiles and Clothing1 type0.756
Textiles and ClothingNo NTMs98.24782
Transportation3+ types0.771
Transportation2 types15.3820
Transportation1 type2.313
TransportationNo NTMs81.54106
Vegetable3+ types3.4112
Vegetable2 types41.48146
Vegetable1 type45.74161
VegetableNo NTMs9.3833
Wood3+ types0.852
Wood2 types0.852
Wood1 type21.2850
WoodNo NTMs77.02181