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 Kuwait NTM Prevalence by Sector


Type count
Sector NTM Type Count Share NTM affected product - count
All Import Products3+ types15.85825
All Import Products2 types2.13111
All Import Products1 type4.63241
All Import ProductsNo NTMs77.394028
Animal3+ types70.54237
Animal2 types0.301
Animal1 type4.4615
AnimalNo NTMs24.7083
Chemicals3+ types10.2981
Chemicals2 types2.9223
Chemicals1 type4.8338
ChemicalsNo NTMs81.96645
Food Products3+ types78.67166
Food Products2 types6.6414
Food Products1 type0.952
Food ProductsNo NTMs13.7429
Footwear1 type27.6613
FootwearNo NTMs72.3434
Fuels2 types16.287
Fuels1 type20.939
FuelsNo NTMs62.7927
Hides and Skins1 type26.0918
Hides and SkinsNo NTMs73.9151
Mach and Elec2 types1.179
Mach and Elec1 type0.786
Mach and ElecNo NTMs98.05756
Metals1 type3.2018
MetalsNo NTMs96.80545
Minerals2 types1.902
MineralsNo NTMs98.10103
Miscellaneous3+ types4.8017
Miscellaneous2 types7.6327
Miscellaneous1 type5.9321
MiscellaneousNo NTMs81.64289
Plastic or Rubber2 types0.471
Plastic or Rubber1 type0.952
Plastic or RubberNo NTMs98.58208
Stone and Glass2 types8.7217
Stone and Glass1 type0.511
Stone and GlassNo NTMs90.77177
Textiles and Clothing1 type7.1657
Textiles and ClothingNo NTMs92.84739
Transportation2 types0.771
Transportation1 type22.3129
TransportationNo NTMs76.92100
Vegetable3+ types92.05324
Vegetable2 types2.569
Vegetable1 type0.281
VegetableNo NTMs5.1118
Wood1 type4.6811
WoodNo NTMs95.32224