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 Chile NTM Prevalence by Sector


Type count
Sector NTM Type Count Share NTM affected product - count
All Import Products3+ types6.36331
All Import Products2 types7.26378
All Import Products1 type46.072398
All Import ProductsNo NTMs40.312098
Animal3+ types30.06101
Animal2 types28.2795
Animal1 type2.388
AnimalNo NTMs39.29132
Chemicals3+ types3.1825
Chemicals2 types7.8862
Chemicals1 type58.96464
ChemicalsNo NTMs29.99236
Food Products3+ types15.1732
Food Products2 types17.5437
Food Products1 type49.29104
Food ProductsNo NTMs18.0138
Footwear1 type59.5728
FootwearNo NTMs40.4319
Fuels1 type18.608
FuelsNo NTMs81.4035
Hides and Skins2 types1.451
Hides and Skins1 type40.5828
Hides and SkinsNo NTMs57.9740
Mach and Elec1 type91.18703
Mach and ElecNo NTMs8.8268
Metals1 type12.7972
MetalsNo NTMs87.21491
Minerals1 type0.951
MineralsNo NTMs99.05104
Miscellaneous2 types1.696
Miscellaneous1 type22.6080
MiscellaneousNo NTMs75.71268
Plastic or Rubber1 type35.5575
Plastic or RubberNo NTMs64.45136
Stone and Glass1 type10.7721
Stone and GlassNo NTMs89.23174
Textiles and Clothing2 types4.1533
Textiles and Clothing1 type87.06693
Textiles and ClothingNo NTMs8.7970
Transportation3+ types10.0013
Transportation2 types6.158
Transportation1 type9.2312
TransportationNo NTMs74.6297
Vegetable3+ types45.45160
Vegetable2 types36.93130
Vegetable1 type10.2336
VegetableNo NTMs7.3926
Wood2 types2.556
Wood1 type27.6665
WoodNo NTMs69.79164