Macedonia, FYR Tariff Schedule for 2018


This screen allows the user to access UNCTAD TRAINS database to retrieve all tariff types (Most Favored Nation (MFN) and preferential tariffs) together or separately for a selected reporter and year. UNCTAD method is used to convert specific duty rates into Ad valorem equivalents (AVEs). The sort icon on the column header can be used to sort the data and the filter icon can be used to narrow search results. Arrows at the bottom of the page allow navigating the data. To download an entire tariff schedule (raw data and specific duty estimated AVEs), the user needs to login to WITS and use Quick Search -> Tariff – View and Export Raw Data. To view Tariff Measures and preferential beneficiaries, use Support Materials menu after login.


Download Excel Sheet Tariff Measures

Download Excel Sheet Preference Benediciaries