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This page provides the latest available data for a country or the country’s trade at a glance.

Use this page to obtain latest available merchandise trade statistics information on Trade, Tariff, Development and many more indicators. Trade data such as total exports, number or products exported, top exporting and importing partner countries and top exported and imported product groups are available. Tariff information like number of trade agreements, simple and weighted average tariff, duty free imports value and duty free goods share in percentage are available. You also obtain trade indicators like Hirschman Herfindahl market concentration index, index of market penetration, world growth and country growth in percentage. Development indicators such as GDP, GNI per capita, Trade Balance, Trade and Services trade as percentage of GPD is available from WDI. In addition, trade related indicators are available from other Bank databases like Doing Business, Services Policy Restrictive Database, Temporary Trade Barriers Database, Logistics Performance Indicator, Country Policy and Institutional Assessment and Overall Trade Restrictiveness Indicator database. If you want to explore these databases more a link is provided to obtain more information about the database.

Please note the data in this page may be from different year depending on the data source, refer to the year on top of individual section or sub-section.


The page is divided into multiple logical sections. In the Trade Summary section, the following indicators can be obtained

  • Overall Exports and Imports of the country
  • Trade Indicators
  • Services Trade Indicator
  • Top five export and import partners along with the partner share
  • Exports and Imports of Products by Stages of Processing
  • Top five Exports and Imports of Products at the HS 6 level

The next section provides Tariff and Trade Barriers information and these include:

  • Tariff data like Simple, Weighted Average tariff and more
  • Overall Trade Restrictive Index indicators
  • Non-Tariff Measures indicators like Number of NTM measures and products affected by NTM
  • Temporary Trade Barrier indicators like Simple and Weighted Average

The last section provides various trade related indicators like

  • Development Indicators like Trade Balance from WDI
  • Doing Business overall and trade across border rank
  • Country Policy and Institutional Assessment Trade Ratings
  • Logistics Performance Index Score and Rank
  • Over All Services Trade Restrictions Index

In addition, indicators you can view the time series data by clicking on the Indicator name or the value. The indicators that have time series data and that do not have a product or partner dimension (such as total trade, maximum tariff) will be a hyperlink and the link will take you to the time series page. Indicators that have a partner or product dimension and have time series data, the value will be a hyperlink and clicking on the value will take you to the time-series page.


You can change your selection by clicking on the selection drop-down on top, change the variables in the popup window and click on Update. You can click on Cancel button to retain current selection.

To obtain country data specific to a particular year, click on Country Summary tab.
To obtain country level trade and related development indicators, click on the Country tab.
To obtain import and export trade values with partner countries, click on the By Partner tab.
To obtain countries exports and import values of various product groups by the country, click on the Product Groups tab.