Trade Statistics by Country Help



This page provides trade indicators for selected country and year, that are at the country level and do not have any dependency on the partner or product dimension. Use this page to obtain merchandise trade indicators such as number of import and export partners, Index of Export Market Penetration, number of products exported/imported and Hirschman Herfindahl market concentration index. Merchandise Trade Indicators from World Bank's WDI such as cost to import per container in US dollar, Agricultural raw materials, import and export, arms import, merchandise imports from high-income economies as percentage of total merchandise exports and much more are available in the Development Indicator - Merchandise Trade section. Services trade data such as services imports, imports of goods and services, commercial services imports and much more are available in the Development Indicators - Services Trade section. Trade related taxes such as Custom and import duties in local currency, taxes on export in local currency, taxes on goods and services and much more are available in Development Indicator - Trade Related Taxes section. In addition, development indicators such as GDP, GDP growth, GDP per capita, GNI, GNI per capita and much more are available in Development Indicator - GDP, GNI and OTHER section.


You can change your selection by clicking on the selection drop-down on top, change the variables in the popup window and click on Update. You can click on Cancel button to retain current selection.
You can view time series data by selecting a range of years in the year dropdown on the right hand side as shown in the image below.
Click on the eye icon to get the metadata.

To obtain country trade summary statistics such as Total Exports, Total Imports, Top Export/Import partner countries, top products exported/imported, trade weighted and simple average tariff click on the Summary tab.
To obtain import and export trade values with all partner countries and indicators like Partner Share, Share in total products, number of six digits products exported or imported to a particular country, or applied tariff for a particular country click on the By Partner tab.
To obtain countries exports and import values of various product groups by the country along with product specific indicators like Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA), Product Share, Country Growth, World Growth, Effectively applied and MFN tariff, number of dutiable lines and much more, click on the By Product Groups tab.