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Working with Protection Data - Overview

The objective of this module is to learn how to retrieve and analyze protection data.

After completing this module, you will be able to conduct the following:

  • Choose the most appropriate tools and databases the for your analysis
  • Identify different trade policy measures affecting a particular product or country
  • Systematically assess a country's import tariff policies
  • Identify market access barriers facing a country's exports
  • Export a country's tariff schedule for analysis outside of WITS

This section will be useful for …

  • Supporting trade negotiations
  • Analyzing market access barriers facing a country's exports
  • Analyzing the structure of incentives facing a country's imports

Background on Trade policy Measures discusses different forms of customs duty rates, different types of tariffs, sources of data.

WITS Tools

In this module, you will learn how to use two major types of tools available in WITS:

  • The Quick Database Query tools offer the easiest and quickest way for retrieving simple information from the available databases. WITS offers six different tools:
  • Quick Search -Find a Tariff more...
  • Quick Search - Tariff View and Export Raw Data more...
  • The Advanced Query more...

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