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Quick Search: Tariff - View and Export Raw Data

Tariff View and Export Raw Data option within Quick Search allows you to query TRAINS/WTO IDB/CTS database to retrieve all or one type of duties applied to all countries (markets). If you select a tariff type including ad-valorem-rates, you would also have to select from the any of the 4 available calculation methods (UNCTAD 1 and 2, WTO 1 and 2).

Select Tariff - View and Export Raw Data sub-menu under Quick Search menu.

In the query selection screen go from top to down selecting the following query dimensions.


  • Data Source WTO-IDB, TRAINS Adval Equiv only (Advolrem Equivalents only), TRAINS Raw Data, TRAINS Total (Incl AVE)
  • Market: the country whose duty code you want to see
  • Year:
  • Duty Codes: All or specific duty code
  • Estimation method:Note this will be enabled only if you have selected TRAINS AdVal Equiv Only or TRAINS Total (Incl AVE)
  • .

Click on View Report to get the report Column Selection Screen or Download to get the Download job

To customize your query result:

  1. On the column selection screen you can select the columns from left Available Columns and press the > to move the selection to the right Selected Columns. Use the >> button to move all the columns to the Selected Columns section.
  2. To remove a selected column(s) select the column(s) in Selected Columns and press the <. Note some columns (like Partner Code, Product Code, Reporter Code) are mandatory and cannot be removed.

You can use the Up and Down button to order your column selection in the Selected Columns section. To sort the data by a particular column ensure the column is first in the Selected Columns section. On selecting a column name you also get a brief description of the column below.


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