The World Bank and UNCTAD organize trainings for using the World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS). These training target policymakers, trade experts and other external and internal audiences to familiarize them with WITS myriad of functions.

WITS Training is primarily offered by UNCTAD in various countries based on requests. The training targets policymakers and trade experts to help them in supporting the development of local teaching and research capacities, academics in trade and development, and trade practitioners in training and building capacities in trade, investment and development.

For more details on WITS training or to request a WITS training from UNCTAD, please contact Samuel Munyaneza (

The World Bank conducts WITS training in Washington DC every year, to both internal and external audiences to familiarize them with its myriad of functions including the one on trade simulation which helps estimate the effects of tariff reductions. In addition, the World Bank hosts an eLearning free of charge which provides a thorough introduction to WITS. The online tutorial, which can be accessed at the user's leisure, serves as a guide to understanding the software's data availability and coverage, including an introduction to nomenclatures and product concordances. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and guided simulations on how to access the data within WITS, create product and country groups, run advanced queries, and perform other WITS functions.

The Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa (TRAPCA): a joint initiative of the Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI) and Lund University of Sweden headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania offers periodic training in WITS. To get more details please contact Dr. Caiphas Chekwoti (, Trade Policy Expert at TRAPCA.

Recently, the Nankai University in China has shown an interest in setting-up a WITS training facility in collaboration with UNCTAD to provide training in the East Asia Region. To get more details please contact Prof. Zhao Longyue ( or, Director for the China Center for International Development at the Nankai University.

* The list is provided for information purposes only, and neither the World Bank nor UNCTAD have any relationship with these institutions, nor do they have any control on the WITS training program or other programs conducted by these institutions. The World Bank/UNCTAD does not formally accredit or endorse institutions on the WITS training course.


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