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Working with Quick Query - Overview

The objective of this module is to learn how to retrieve and analyze trade data from the three following databases within WITS:

  • The United Nations COMTRADE;
  • The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)'s TRAINS;
  • the World Trade Organization (WTO) IDB;


  • The Quick Database Query tools offer the easiest and quickest way for retrieving simple information from the available databases. WITS offers thre different tools:
  • Quick Query - UN COMTRADE by Country/Period more...
  • Quick Query - UN COMTRADE by Product more...
  • Quick Query -Trade -View and Export Tariff line Trade more...


The Advanced Query tool offers many more features, notably flexibility for Multi-country/period/product extractions of trade data as well as product or country aggregations.

You will learn some Background on Trade information and how to use two major types of tools available in WITS:

Since TRAINS and WTO IDB contains not only trade data but also market protection related information, their respective Quick Database Query tools allow retrieving both types of information. See Working with Protection Data for protection related aspects.

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